Saturday, October 23, 2010

First post

Okay so I thought I'd start up another blog. This one will be about all the interesting, cool or weird things i find on the internet. Hopefully this will help some of you out or at least entertain you a little. I'll try to post something new at least one a week. Most of you already know who i am so i wont bore you with an intro.

The first thing i want to direct your attention to is this very useful site i found a little while back. This site basically has spiders/bots crawling the internet saving info on pictures they encounter. How it works is you upload an image you want to find and if they have the same or similar image in there data they will provide you with a link. Its pretty much the same thing as a search engine only for pictures instead of words. Anyway here is the link and i hope you find it at least a little entertaining.

Check out the site here Tineye


  1. This is a really cool site, I remember a friend of mine telling me about it.

  2. Welcome to the Blogger community!

    Tinyeye is a really great site, i also use it for sources if i see a picture.

  3. Heard about it a while ago, but had actually forgotten about it again, thanks